Trade Nintendo games for Nintendo games -mario 64, mario tennis, etc for sale in Hoboken, New Jersey

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I am looking for: Smash Brothers 64, Mario 64, mario tennis 64, Kirby 64, Super Mariokart (snes), Donkey Kong Countrt 3 (snes), earthworn Jim (snes), Kirby incredibly star( snes), last fight 2 (snes), double dragon / fight toads or Contra III (snes).


Retro duo brand console that plays nes and snes video games ...

NES console- works after to experiment with it. Had 2 controllers, zapper gun and connectors.

NES- Super Mario Brothers.
NES- Double Dragon II.
NES- Ninja Gaiden II.
NES- Duck Hunt.
NES- Hogan's Alley.
NES- Game Genie- (Black plastic is ripped and is held together by tape).
NES- Pac man.
NES- Jorden vs bird.
NES- Kung Fu.
NES- Wrecking Crew.
NES- Star Tropics.
NES- Solomon's Key.
NES- Yoshi's Cookie.
NES- Open Tournament Golf.
NES- Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles.
NES- Mickey Mousecapade.
NES- Tiny Toon Adventures (ripped label).
NES- The Simpsons-Bart vs. the World.
NES- The Simpsons- Bart vs. Space Mutants.
NES- Dr. Mario.
NES- Disney adventure.
NES- Jaws.
22 FUNCOLAND cardboard NES cartridge holders.
9 black plastic NES cardtridge holders.
12 Nintendo black plastic sleeves.

SNES Clay competitor competition edition.

3 rf adapters - 2 official nintendo brand.

N64- Star Wars- Shadows of the Empire.
N64- Wrestlemania 2000.
N64- Wayne Getzky- 3D Hockey 98.
N64- Nagano Winter Olympic's 98.
N64- MRC race automobile video game.
N64 rumble pack.
Rf adapter for n64.
N64 jumper pack.

Super Mario Land 2- 6 Gold Coins- for Original.
Donkey Kong- for Original.
Mighty Morphine Power Ranger- for Original.
Baseball-- for original.
Mario Tennis- for Gameboy color.
Blue Gameboy advance case (the very first Gameboy advance).

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